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and I
I dream that we're dancing
I dreamed that we danced (I did too)
all night long (with you)

and I
woke up to nothing
save for a pillow (I wish I was there)
to remind me of you (with you)

missed connections is the way to find lovers
I can't believe you haven't replied to my postscript
you had my heart
and in my best dreams I had you

twenty-something and your tattoos were really sweet
I think that you would be someone I'd like to meet
re: my space:
get in my face, I'll punch you

and I
I think that we're set here
with or without the internet here
I'm fine here with you


With its lyrics about Craigslist and Myspace, “missed connections” is, in one way, extremely of its time. But its strange, bewitching melody keeps me coming back to it.

It is also, along with “mazes” and “calcutta” on this collection, in 3/4 time. Ross loved to write a waltz.